Reasons To Choose Eurofins EMLab P&K
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Reasons To Choose Eurofins EMLab P&K

1) Quality and Accuracy You Can Trust

You depend on data that's accurate. Your reputation depends on it.

  • Our Quality Assurance system ensures you receive high quality data.
  • Your data is legally defensible. We're also experienced with subpoenas and have a proven track record in court.
  • Have confidence in our extensive list of accreditations.
  • Clients have trusted us with more than 1,000,000 projects (yes, over one million!).

2) Focused on Your Needs

We're committed to you. Every day we strive for excellence in customer service.

  • Project Manager for all your project-related needs and technical questions.
  • Account Manager for all your Sales-related needs.
  • We are here to serve YOU!

3) Convenience That Saves You Time

Eurofins EMLab P&K makes it easy for you to save time with lab services, sampling supplies, and data management.

  • Full Range of Analytical Services
    • You have a full range of lab analyses covering IAQ and microbiology.
    • We also work with Eurofins TestAmerica, our parent company, to coordinate everything you need to make you successful.
  • Online Store for Supplies and Equipment
    • Purchase sampling supplies and equipment (equipment rentals also available)
    • Order online or by phone through your Project Manager
  • Online Access for All Your Projects and Reports
    • Our proprietary system (called LabServe®) gives you 24/7 online access to:
      • View projects and download reports,
      • Create reports in the format that fits your needs,
      • Order sampling supplies and equipment,
      • Create electronic chain of custody forms, and more.
    • We make your work easier!
  • Mobile Apps When You're On The Go
    • Instant alerts when your projects and lab reports are available.
    • Create your chain of custody (COC) on your mobile device.
    • Get directions to Eurofins EMLab P&K's labs.
  • Large Network of Locations
    • Through Eurofins EMLab P&K and Eurofins TestAmerica, you have service and drop-off locations across the United States.
    • We are ready to serve you!

4) Innovative Tools That Help You

We constantly improve and create better tools to help you.

  • Reports that fit your needs including exclusive reports with additional insights.
  • Mobile apps with instant alerts as soon as your projects and lab reports are available.
  • Patented BioCassette™ device that's simpler, faster, and better.

5) Sharing Education and Expertise

We believe in giving to our industry and sharing our knowledge and expertise. After all, we're in this together to improve the lives and health of people in our communities.

  • Our free webinars educate professionals and raise the standard of excellence throughout the environmental industry.
  • Learn from Eurofins EMLab P&K's technical experts including Dr. Harriet Burge, Dave Gallup, Dr. Michael Berg, Dr. Kamash Ramanathan, and more.
  • We share presentations at industry conferences.
  • Our employees contribute numerous publications and abstracts to the IAQ community.

6) Pricing That's Competitive and Fair

We're honest because that's the way it should be.

  • We say what we mean.
  • Free shipping means free shipping. No tricks. No hidden fees.
  • You deserve to work with an honest lab.

Choose Eurofins EMLab P&K for Your Lab Testing Needs!

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