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Statement of Qualifications

Below is a brief summary of our qualifications. Please download EMLab P&K's full Statement of Qualifications document.

Download EMLab P&K's Statement of Qualifications



EMLab P&K, a TestAmerica company, is the leading commercial indoor air quality laboratory in North America. EMLab P&K specializes in analyzing air and surface samples to identify mold, bacteria, asbestos, and allergens. EMLab P&K also offers USP 797 testing, PCR testing, radon analysis, and materials testing.

EMLab P&K supports a diversified client base including IAQ consultants, industrial hygienists, environmental specialists, mold remediation and HVAC contractors, hospitals and medical professionals, building owners and commercial property managers, home inspectors, engineering and construction firms, insurance, real estate, and legal professionals. Clients also include federal, state, and local government health departments throughout the United States, as well as university researchers.



Project Management: EMLab P&K's client services department is staffed with individuals dedicated to providing you with exceptional service 100% of the time. When you work with EMLab P&K, you will have a dedicated Project Manager to make your experience as convenient and easy as possible. Your project manager will help assess your needs and coordinate all analytical processing.

Products: EMLab P&K's Products Division has more than two decades of IAQ product sales experience and helped shape product sales in the IAQ industry. We offer IAQ sampling supplies and testing equipment to support a wide range of clients worldwide. We are an authorized distributor for over 25 different manufacturers of high quality IAQ sampling products and supplies.

Data Management: EMLab P&K has the scientific expertise to perform a broad range of non-routine analyses. The laboratory also routinely performs special projects for clients, including the development of experimental procedures, analyses, and custom reporting.



Personnel: EMLab P&K has a unique mix of qualified, experienced, and talented personnel. EMLab P&K's analytical staff includes college degree and highly trained analysts, the majority with advanced degrees. The company has an industry-leading management and scientific team.

Health and Safety: EMLab P&K's Management team is committed to providing a work environment that is free of recognized environment safety and health hazards. It is our policy, and is fundamental to our management principles, that all work will be conducted in a manner that is safe to the employee, the community and the environment. By empowering each employee with the right, the responsibility, and the resources to make safe decisions, we ensure the success of our health and safety programs.

Client Confidentiality and Proprietary Rights: Data and sample materials provided by the client or at the client’s request, and the results obtained by TestAmerica and/or EMLab P&K, are held in confidence subject to any disclosure required by law or legal process. Our reports and the data and information provided therein, are for the exclusive use and benefit of the client, and are not released to a third party without written consent from the client.



Quality Systems: EMLab P&K has modeled its quality system after ISO 17025:2005 Guidelines, one of the most stringent sets of standards in the industry, to ensure that you receive the high standard of accuracy, reliability, and impartiality that you expect and require from a leader in the environmental industry.

Accreditations: EMLab P&K has an extensive list of accreditations and certifications from leading organizations and government agencies including: AIHA-LAP, LLC, NVLAP, CA-ELAP, Texas DSHS and other state licensing and certification programs.

Proficiency Testing: EMLab P&K also participates in a variety of proficiency testing programs by AIHA-PAT, LLC, NVLAP, CDC ELITE Legionella PT program and more.

Scientific Instrumentation: Our facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology, which allows EMLab P&K to offer you advanced analyses and expedient turnaround times.


Project Experience

EMLab P&K has a wide range of clients. Please download our Statement of Qualifications document to view some of the types of clients and projects we serve.


Download EMLab P&K's Statement of Qualifications