EMLab P&K The Company

EMLab P&K* is the leading commercial indoor air quality (IAQ) laboratory in North America, specializing in the analysis of air and surface samples for mold (fungi), asbestos, bacteria, radon, and allergens. We are affiliated with TestAmerica Laboratories Inc., recognized as the nation's leading environmental testing firm. With over 30 years experience in fungi and bioaerosol analysis, EMLab P&K has helped shape the IAQ industry. We maintain AIHA-LAP LLC, NVLAP, and CA-ELAP accreditations with a goal of providing the highest quality analysis and service in the industry. We support a diversified client base including IAQ consultants, industrial hygienists, environmental specialists, mold remediation and HVAC contractors, hospitals and medical professionals, building owners and commercial property managers, home inspectors, engineering and construction firms, and insurance, real estate, and legal professionals. Clients also include government and university researchers as well as federal, state, and local government health departments throughout the United States.

EMLab P&K employees have contributed numerous publications and abstracts to the IAQ community and provide training across the country. EMLab P&K has helped pioneer today's IAQ industry with MoldRange, MoldScore, and other meaningful contributions to the knowledge base of the industry. All of our analysts have received extensive training and participate in ongoing, industry leading quality assurance and training programs. Many of our analysts have advanced degrees. Our reference library contains hundreds of volumes covering every aspect of mycology, bacteriology, aerobiology, immunology, and indoor air quality as it relates to bioaerosols. We are committed to providing our customers with outstanding service, quality, and support.

When the quality and accuracy of your data is critical, rely on EMLab P&K, the quality leader.

EMLab P&K Products
The EMLab P&K Products Division has more than two decades of experience with indoor air quality (IAQ) product sales and has helped shape product sales in the IAQ industry. We offer IAQ sampling supplies and testing equipment to support a wide range of clients worldwide. We are an authorized distributor for over 25 manufacturers of high quality IAQ testing equipment and sampling supplies. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We aim to deliver the best prices and product selection. If you have questions or suggestions for products, contact EMLab P&K Products.

* EMLab P&K is formerly Environmental Microbiology Laboratory, Inc., Aerotech Laboratories, Inc. and P&K Microbiology Services, Inc., operating under consolidated management.