1. Sampling Overview
    1. Culturable air sampling
    2. Non-culturable air sampling
    3. Surface sampling
    4. Special cases
  2. Interpretation Overview
    1. Activity levels
    2. Weather conditions
    3. Condition of the area sampled
  3. Additional Information
    1. Spore trap air sampling
    2. Andersen or Biocassette air sampling
    3. Surface sampling – tape, swab, bulk
    4. Surface sampling – dust
  4. Environmental Reporter
  5. Ask Dr. Burge
  6. Allergen Glossary
  7. Food Microbiology Glossary
  8. Fungal Glossary
  9. Resources

Ask Dr. Burge – Archive

Dr. Harriet Burge: Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Burge's educational and academic background including: research experience, publications, presentations, awards, honors, and affiliations.

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