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Asbestos Testing Lab Services

Eurofins Built Environment Testing provides a full range of accredited asbestos testing services. With our full service offering, you’ll simplify your business needs by sending all your asbestos samples to Eurofins Built Environment Testing. See the asbestos services available to you below.

With Eurofins Built Environment Testing, you’ll enjoy the superior client service you have grown to expect and demand.  That's why environmental consultants and IAQ professionals trust Eurofins Built Environment Testing for asbestos analysis. Eurofins Built Environment Testing promises that you will always receive quality analysis, superior customer service, and consistent reliability.

NOTE: To view sample reports, select a specific asbestos service below.


Airborne Fiber Count (NIOSH 7400)



EPA Method 600/R-93/116

EPA 200 Point Count

EPA 400 Point Count

EPA 1000 Point Count

Gravimetric 400 Point Count

Gravimetric 1000 Point Count

NY State ELAP 198.1 (sub-contracted)

NY State ELAP 198.6 (sub-contracted)

NY State ELAP 198.8 Vermiculite - Chrysotile Only (sub-contracted)

NY State ELAP 198.8 Vermiculite - Chrysotile and Amphibole (sub-contracted)

CARB 435 - 400 Point Count

CARB 435 - 1000 Point Count


AHERA (sub-contracted)

ASTM D5755 (sub-contracted)

ASTM 6281-15 (sub-contracted)

ASTM D6480 (sub-contracted)

ASTM D7521-16 (sub-contracted)

Chatfield (sub-contracted)

Cincinnati Method Vermiculite (sub-contracted)

EPA 100.2 (sub-contracted)

EPA Level II (sub-contracted)

ISO 10312 (sub-contracted)

NIOSH 7402 (sub-contracted)

NY State ELAP 198.4 (sub-contracted)

Qualitative Presence/Absence (sub-contracted)

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